Thursday, April 5, 2012

#27 - Level Work + Backgrounds

Sadly, back into work full force meant I had to do some level stuff first. It's all boring coordinates and numbers, but It's so exciting, seeing the end of the tunnel with this game! We're putting some great things into the game, I think it will really be fun!

Anyway, as for art, I'm going to focus on backgrounds for a while. I'm feeling pretty comfortable with them (Which is so weird! I have never really touched backgrounds before this, but now they're just so fun to do!), but not so much with the characters. So I can poop these out pretty quick and it will be much easier to go back and place the characters later
 (Once I get better at them. Gotta traaaaiiin moorree Dx! )

Anyway.. Background!

And also, there's a new logo :D

Or a simpler version I tried out that's hopefully more readable