Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sketching Shenanigans

Had an urge to draw some exaggerated expressions! Basically I'll repeat what I said on Deviantart, it's actually what I wrote in my sketchbook before I drew these xD 

The thought I had was, It's not the shape of the mouth that makes the expression. It's WHICH muscles you show in work that makes an expression more intense. And how the muscles pull on the nose and eyes and cheeks are equally important.  That's why learning about what muscles do what (contract the mouth, lift the upper lip) and what it looks like when the skin folds when the muscle is being used is so important. So it's not just adding details, it's adding the "right" details?
Add the specific muscle movements with the position of the teeth and you get something new!

Dem nose muscles~~

-original sketch

And some side muscle practice T_T

Anyway, sorry about this random post. I got caught up in doing level work again (for the game I'm making with my boyfriend, for those on DA) So much tedious work, my brain was tired and this was a good outlet. I think I'm done at least for now on the level work, I need to get back into my regular schedule of posting everyday. I got kind of out of sync for a while.
I'm going to go draw some more in bed! (To get away from the computer for a while...)

And thanks to you guys from DeviantArt! 30,000 views in one day on that drawing. ;_____;.... ?!

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