Sunday, March 4, 2012

#18 - Back to Painting!

Finally :O! Could have done more today. Only had a half day -___- Ugh, I hate myself for getting the sleep schedule off again... It throws me off. :\

I colored a panel and figured out some lighting on other ones (relaxing work). But I really should grab myself some references, I'm still having trouble with indoor lighting! How it bounces, how many light sources, how it changes how everything looks. I probably don't want to look at photographs but rather TV shows. They make indoor lighting still look pleasing and I want to draw like THAT! Not so much flat stuff.

Dawww, Sleeping Oliver!

OMG I FOUND A drawing I did in September!!

Holy crap I sucked. I guess on this project I had to learn how to draw from step one. O_o this hurts my eyes.


Now for some messy shadows. Will help later.

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