Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#26 - About to play

Went kind of out of order. Man I'm not sure about that last shot :\..... I gotta remember to not rush ahead to the details. Or I mess with it too much.

This one I made sure to slow down on the sketch and lineart stage. And to think more.

Woo! I did two today!

I found something else out. The key is to stay zoomed out as I'm sketching and shading. And just lay down sloppy tones and shapes, but tones and shapes that look right. Even all the way zoomed out, it still looks right.

I think I'm getting the hang of this new way of coloring the furniture.
 I did a comparison side by side to see the different techniques, since there was the same kind of shot in the Atari level. That's why the TV's are different, the bottom one is an older model.

Coloring just by going at it with the paintbrush.
 Coloring by doing lineart first then coloring inside the lineart. (more control over details)

Again, the bottom one took much less time.

Here's the previous background with the same technique

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