Sunday, March 4, 2012

#17 - 2 days level work, 1 day off

So I combined 2 days work into one post. Yesterday I had took the day off instead of today (me and Andy were chit chatting all night the day before so we basically slept all day yesterday) I sent instructions for the Plexxus 1.0 level and I fixed the Playstation level. It was lots of tedious work so it took about two days work. I was working simultaneously between 4 programs! Adobe Flash, Photoshop, After Effects and Autodesk Maya. A new record!

I did coordinates information in After Effects, tweaked images in Photoshop, put together animations in Flash and worked with the 3D models in Maya.

So much organizing.... I basically took months of work and shrunk it in two days. This was all to clean up the stage, make it more "readable", make set coordinates, and optimize the level. I took out over 100 unnecessary sprites! Should run much quicker and be less confusing.



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