Wednesday, February 22, 2012

#9 - Why lineart?

More lineart. I guess I should say why I'm going back and doing lineart. It's been taking SO ridiculously long to just sketch something out then directly go into coloring. I spend the whole coloring stage trying to work out details and fix anatomy and worry about everything BUT painting. :\
So in the lineart stage, I have worked out anatomy and put all the finishing details (and get the face expressions right) that I don't have to worry about later. I figure them all now, so I can just focus on painting. Took me forever to figure this out, I thought that since I had to go fast, that I should just rush. Then I thought, rush but be good. No.... most of drawing is "planning" stages. I had just figured that out, and it's 100 times "easier"! I also use this brush so I don't focus on perfecting the line itself. Just getting the details.

Finishing up the part in the atari level where he gets his hidden Atari, hooks it up and plays Super Plexxus.

Put (parentheses on the missing shots)

(closeup to atari)

(closeup on hand putting in game)

(looks at telephone)

(picks up telephone)

(split screen to wife)

(shows birthday party)

(looking at calendar)

(closeup to "frankie's birthday")

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