Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#15 - Planning Day

Yesterday was a planning day. Wrote down how to fix the PS1 level, lots of weird stuff right now. Then me and Andy figured out the NES level cutscene. Before it was the prom night, but then they end up playing the NES? Didn't seem right, who would play video games on prom night? :\

So our plan we figured out yesterday was, there would be Debbie (girl), and two friends that would pick Oliver up in a car. They're headed to a concert in town. So we can show some 80's kids being awesome.

Not exactly like that...

Then a bump in the road spills a slush puppy or soda all over Oliver's shirt.

I wanna use the cup from 3 Ninjas. I always see that cup!

They have to take him back to his house :\ but Debbie tags along and they'll signal that they will catch up with them later. 

Oliver goes inside and sees his mom, you see that Debbie and oliver's mom are friends and talk while Oliver goes to change. Debbie sees an older picture of them together doing the science project (the Atari cutscene). Then mom breaks out the Family album like all moms do... 

Oliver comes down to see his mom embarrassing him with baby photos and such. Debbie comes over and shows him some of the photos of him playing plexxus. Almost like "I didn't know you played video games :O"?
Oliver shrugs it off and tries to act cool like "I don't do that anymore!" His mom then looks at him kinda ashamed as she walks away. Oliver gets flushed and embarrassed, then reveals that his still a big huge nerd that still loves Plexxus. He opens his game drawer that shows all his games and toys and whatnot.
Debbie reacts.. Then goes over to the drawer and insists that he shows her. Oliver immediately feels relieved, then they sit down and play instead of going to the concert.

It's tricky showing a story without dialogue or movement. I'll sketch this out and see if it works and communicates well...... But it's probably going to change slightly. But I'm excited that I can show more of an 80's teen scene with this :D instead of just having it inside the house the whole time.

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