Saturday, February 25, 2012

#12 - More Perspective Drawings

Finished up the backgrounds on the Pong/Plexxus 1.0 level. I playing with the idea of using Sundays to take a break. So far I haven't had a day to do other chores (like clean the apartment.....) So I think tomorrow I'm going to clean the place and have a day off.

(Did a color test on this one.)

The finished Oliver drawings (green)end here... 

(Gameplay Starts)


Used This couch for inspiration. That's a good looking couch!

Grandma's Couch

Also wanted to try maybe a different rug. Gotta change it now or I'll have to go back later. I think I like this one! As soon as I saw this, It reminded me so much of older houses- like in the rec room. And my best friend had something like this rug. 


Mini Perspective WIP

For anyone who is interested, I saved some steps while I was doing a shot.  xD Showing kinda how I'm doing these perspective shots, I'm really starting to enjoy it! I never thought I would ever understand perspective. ( I was kinda sad I never took perspective college, but screw it! The best way to learn is to just do it over and over! Who needs to spend $2,200 for one class anyway?.......)

I sketch something out, that I kinda see in my head. If my brain can't comprehend, I set up a camera in 3D and see how it works.

I use the polygon selector to kind of "find" where the vanishing points might be. I think where the horizon line may be, since it's top-down view, it should be up high. Following the crappy lines I made and see where the lines could converge. Lots of Undo/ trial and error.
This is 3 point perspective so one point leads down, another point is on the top right and the last point is far off the screen to the left

Once I find the lines, I start in another layer, Making the sketch layer red and transparent so I can see better. Then I use the default photoshop brush and SHIFT to make lines. Using Shift you touch one point, then touch at the vanishing point and it draws a straight line. Like the line tool in MS paint.

I make a new layer and keep making lines to the vanishing point. 

Since it's in a different layer, it makes it easier to erase things without erasing other lines.

Same process, repeated many times. Maybe tedious, but it's fun. Sometimes I "eye" something if another line is nearby.

Made a pattern for the railings. I wasted a lot of time trying to look for the railing I had at my house, but got lost in looking at old pictures and whatnot -___- Oops.

Used the transform tool- "Distort" - to line up the pattern. Then added more details and such. And Voila! It's all planned out ready for coloring.

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