Friday, February 17, 2012

#3 - Flash Day

Yesterday, I spent pretty much all day in Flash working with our programmer. We figured out a big list of missing stuff for the levels. Mostly the "Genesis" level. Fuuu, so not much to show other than this:

I timed and converted animations into seconds and images as instructions to Jason- our programmer.

But here's some small sketches of the characters.

Figured out some outfit colors for the 1986 cutscene. Oliver is a senior in highschool, so he's trying to be all hip with the parachute pants and shoulder pad jacket. Debbie (girlfriend) on the left is working the off the shoulder sweater. I remember seeing my brother's old clothes and there was always purple and green. Like neon colors were such a cool thing. Mom is still stuck with her fashion, but has a nice patterned blouse. FFFFU Now I'm learning about fashion history. 8[

And here's some crappy sketches

90's Debbie excited about the new house.

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