Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Spent a lot of time figuring out things on the body. Huge help :D I'm going to do more figure drawing after this.

But oh man, Today was Andy's last day of class! So we'll probably be sleeping all week and playing L.A. NOIRE <3
So dang excited. My friend says it's amazing so far o_o
This blog post has been delayed for a couple days now, I apologize, I was running into scanner issues. Curse you HP.

Practicing the body. The guy in the loincloth is the first I drew, I hate how he looks. Looking at those angles really is helpful. Especially for the torso, and later the legs.
Some more random body practice. Some of them ref'd from Vanderpoel's figure drawing book
THIS Helped me so much. Drawing the feet and leg over and over. Huge help already O__O
Feet are always an obstacle *dies*
THIS ALSO Helped like crazy! No refs, but I figured out in my sketching stage, I used to always draw the nostril very low. But you draw it where the "triangle" line is! See the drawing, I drew an arrow pointing at where to draw the nostril.
This was before I figured out noses..It drives me crazy now. But just practicing colors.
This was a "Daily sketch" challenge on CGSociety. It was my first, but basically you have an hour to finish a speedpainting of whatever the title describes. This one said, "Midnight Runner"
This is what I imagined. Running away from THE MAN or whatnot
This is a drawing I just started. LINK <3 Figuring out the face.

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